The VEO™ Business Solution

In today’s competitive business environment, progressive homebuilders require business solutions customized to their industry and tailored to their particular challenges. VEO™ Design Studio is designed to help the builder:

✓ Optimize profitability per home

✓ Accelerate construction cycle time

✓ Improve operational efficiencies

✓ Positively influence homebuyer loyalty

The Power of Same Page Connectivity™

VEO™ Design Studio is a premier option selection web platform and service, delivering imagery, product information and pricing for everything from ceiling fans to tile floors to appliances.

VEO™ gives the builder what we call Same Page Connectivity™. From the sales counselor to the homebuyer, to the designer, to purchasing and construction, VEO™ eliminates information silos and ensures that the builder’s organization is aligned when it comes to product options, instant option pricing and buyer selection data.

The business results are operational efficiencies, information standardization and alignment of organizational data.

Power of Same Page Connectivity

We invite you to learn more about VEO™ Design Studio and how Same Page Connectivity™ can help improve your business performance.

VEO™ Inspired!

VEO™ Design Studio allows sales counselors, homebuyers and designers to select options, view pricing and visualize the home coming to life!


VEO™ Design Studio gives the homebuyer a true shop-at-home experience prior to their design appointment.

VEO™ guides the buyer through an engaging assessment process to help discover their personal style.

Engage homebuyers with our exclusive Design My Home™ feature.

DMH gives the buyer the ability to personalize their future home, fosters a deeper connection with your home product options and pricing while creating a buyer product “Wish List” that’s truly inspiring!

Obtaining a price for a desired product option is easy and fast with our patented VEO™ QuickPrice Calculator™.

Homebuyers make more informed and timely spending decisions based on the instant pricing of desired product option combinations with our Cost of Ownership Guide™ helping manage the buyer’s budget.

The 3V Virtual Home Experience focuses on delivering an inspiring home-buying experience. Our platform allows people to tour communities and model homes plus make product selections – all online using our exclusive 3V Technology.

3V Visualization Technology

VEO™ Selections Report

Homebuyer product selections are captured in a comprehensive report that includes product images, pricing and related specs. This valuable buyer-approved report is accessible to Sales, Buyers, Designers along with Purchasing and Construction staff to ensure the organization is aligned and on the same page.

VEO™ Vision Business Intelligence

VEO™ Vision reporting provides our customers with trusted and actionable business intelligence on product usage and buyer purchasing behavior. Reporting data helps guide operational improvements and assists with decisions on product offerings and profit strategies.

VEO Business Intelligence
VEO Virtual

VEO™ Virtual is a great alternative to the in-person design experience!

Moving the design appointment online creates an interactive and dynamic retail experience for your home buyers. VEO™ Virtual gives buyers and designers the option to engage remotely using the power of VEO™ Design Studio’s imagery and instant option pricing.

The AXIS Technology HUB™ is the core of VEO™ Design Studio.

VEO™ Catalog Management System

  • Integration Points / Modules
  • Patented VEO™ Options Price Estimator
  • Selections Data Aggregator
  • 3V Visualization Module
  • Analytics Reporting Platform

We amplify your success with our dedicated BuildOn Execution Team.

  • Customer Success Coordinator
  • Estimating Specialist
  • Customer Data Specialist
  • Digital Assets Specialist

The Execution Team ensures your success with VEO Design Studio!

The easiest way to see if VEO™ Design Studio is right for your business is to schedule an informative and engaging demonstration with one of our VEO™ Specialists.