The NSight Executive Summary provides accurate information to make informed product and process business decisions.

Product Usage Analysis

  • Usage and Cost Breakdowns by product. Additional breakdowns by Group and Vendor (if applicable).
  • Rolling Year Snapshot – Qtr by Qtr analysis of Usage and Upgrade %.

Dry Run Report

  • Report on builder and other trade-caused dry runs.
  • Displays Community, Address, Product, Type of job, and Reason given for job delay.

Builder Gratis Report

  • Detailed log of costs not billed to Customer.
  • Includes Community, Address, Product Type, and Amount.

Order Fill Rate Report

  • Tracks the percentage of installations that were performed early, late, and on time.
  • Run for a single customer or group of customers.
  • Documents reasons for early and late installations, along with the address, community, and product being installed.